Muelles Melero


Technological and organizational evolution experienced Muelles Melero in recent years, it has also been accompanied by a great evolution in the area of Quality. Our management system is certified under ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, demanding international standard of the automotive sector, which includes full and literal the ISO 9001 as well other requirements of the most important European and American car manufacturers.

By clicking here you can check our quality certifications TÜV Rheinland. You can also view or download our certificates at the bottom of this page.

Both in the laboratory and in the production area have all the means of inspection, examination and testing necessary to ensure that our products meet the requirements and specifications of our customers.

Among our means of control are the following:

Camera devices and/or laser sensors for regulation and correction of the machine, as well as for the selection of 100% of produced springs.
Electronic force for testing compression springs and traction machines.
Electronic testing machine torque in torsion springs.
Processor profile projector for measuring angles, radii, lengths, etc.
Specific machines for fatigue tests.

Cert. IATF16949_ESP

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Cert. IATF16949_FRA

Cert. ISO9001_ESP

Cert. ISO9001_ENG

Cert. ISO9001_FRA