Compression springs 

Muelles Melero

Compression springs

In Muelles Melero, manufacture all kinds of compression springs (cylindrical, conical and biconical) of constant or variable pitch, with open, closed or facings ends. It is also possible to provide them with surface coating (zinc plated, chromate, phosphate, blackened, etc.).

The materials used primarily in our products are:

Carbon steel according to EN 10270-1 drawn or galvanized zinc coating or zinc/aluminum.
Silicon Chrome-hardened steel according to EN 10270-2 (FDSiCr/TDSiCr/VDSiCr).
Stainless steel according to EN 10270-3 (AISI 302/304/316).
Special alloys.
Wires of brass, bronze, iron, etc.

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